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Why Carpool?

Quality Coverage

1st class coverage from leading insurers plus 24 hour roadside assistance and other benefits. To see coverage details, please click here

Great Prices

Up to 50%+ discount upfront plus free compulsory motor policy when you buy thru Carpool!

Plus, Up to 30% Cash Back!

The only offering in Thailand that gives good drivers up to 30% cash back every year!

Maximum savings of over 80%!*

Car insurance up to 50% no-claim bonus

Get up to 50% no-claim bonus based on your track record for good driving.

Save additional 15% on car insurance

Up to 15% additional discount on base premiums. Plus! Free compulsory motor policy (value of 645 Baht) when you buy a first class policy with us.

30% cash back on car insurance

On top of that, earn an additional up to 30% cash back at the end of your policy year by getting together with friends and family and driving responsibly.

* Conditions Apply

Only at Carpool!

The only car insurance offering in Thailand that gives you and your friends up to 30% cash back every year for responsible driving.
Peer to peer car insurance invite friends via Carpool Go

1. Use Carpool Go (our Line@ Official Account) to sign up and form a group of five or more.

Peer to peer car insurance buy or renew car insurance

2. Buy your car insurance from Carpool when your existing policy is up for renewal.

Peer to peer car insurance 30% cash back

3. If no claims are filed by your group, you get the full 30% cash back at the end of your policy year!

If a claim is filed, you get 30% less the cost of the claims. Note: you never have to pay more than the premium amount.

Insurers save money when you and your group drive responsibly.

So we give those savings back to you. It's that simple.

Forming your group is easy with Carpool Go

Tired of downloading another app? Via Carpool Go, our Line@ Official Account, you can sign up, create your group and invite friends within minutes!

What's more, everything you need to maintain your account and track performance is also made readily available:

  • Purchase insurance online
  • Get timely updates
  • Invite friends
  • And much more!

Perfect for SMEs

For every 10 cars insured thru us, SMEs typically save over 50,000 Baht!
  • Commercial vehicles, passenger cars and supercars all welcome
  • Ownership of the cars do not need to be under the same name
  • Insure three or more cars at the same time and enjoy additional savings upfront!

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