How to earn your Carpool Bonus (30% cash back) :

Step 1

Sign up and invite your friends using Carpool Go, our Line official account:

  • Sign up using your name and phone number
  • Create a Line chat group (Carpool Go will create one for you automatically)
  • Invite friends to join your group

Step 2

Round up five or more cars into your group by purchasing insurance thru Carpool:

  • For every 100 Baht in premiums paid, we will credit 30 Baht worth of Carpool Bonus points (30%) on the policy effective date
  • Purchases can be made online via this website, via Carpool Go or by contacting our call center

Note: you have one calendar year to form your group, so you and your friends can gradually buy your policies when your existing one expires.

Step 3

Drive responsibly:

  • If a claim is filed by a member of your group, the cost of the claim is deducted from the Carpool Bonus of all members of the group at the time of claim
  • The amount deducted from each member is in proportion to the premiums you paid

Step 4

Earn your reward!

At the end of your policy year, your Carpool Bonus points can be redeemed for:

  • A cash discount when you renew your insurance policy thru Carpool
  • Cash transferred to a bank account of your choosing

On top of that, you will also be eligible for a 20-50% discount if you did not file a claim that year (no-claim bonus)

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